Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue: A Community

The rescue and care of wildlife is undertaken mainly by these two.
The pair, both ardent animal lovers, work tirelessly to help local wildlife. The two respond to calls from the public, give patient, supportive and detailed advice, take in wildlife through their own front doors, make and attend vet appointments, administer medicine, rear baby animals, and release in appropriate settings. Through this work, Sasha and Jacqui have become best friends and speak for hours most days on the phone working out how they can best help the wildlife in their care. They do all of this as volunteers. To cope with the inevitable sadnesses involved in caring for injured creatures, Sasha and Jacqui have learnt to laugh at themselves a lot and counsel each other when the going gets tough.

Vicky Martens

Sasha and Jacqui are helped by a wonderful community of local people.

Vicky Martens, and her daughter Taylor Martens have worked tirelessly caring for animals, Chris, Emma and Holly Mayne, Jacqui’s family, Lily and Salvador Norris Dugdale, Sasha’s family, Matthew Padden, Councillor John Harrington, Leominster Eye Hospital, ex-police offer Paul Matthews, Keely Severn, Arabella Thomas, David Proctor, Kelly and Rob of Staffy Rescue,  Dawn of Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue, to name a few.